Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty Secrets

Jacqueline Fernandez

–Diet right: “I start my day with toast and muesli, lunch is salad and veggies, dinner is very light. I believe in eating when you are hungry. I go for super-foods, which means a lot of salmon, sushi and nuts. I think my hair has remained thick and shiny because of all the fish I eat. I maintain my skin with my diet not by applying a lot of products on my face.”

–Fitness file:
“I work out for an hour a day, power yoga. I alternate with dance Bollywood, jazz, ballet, R&B. I run if I find someone to jog with. Sometimes I max out with 108 surya namaskars. Balance is key. Keep it simple, don’t break the bank. I’ve stopped the gym. I’ve never believed in cutting out stuff– it’s a cruel thing to do to your body.”–Hair rituals:
“My hair is my most important asset partly genetic but I do take care of it and am proud that it is in excellent condition. My secrets: an egg white mask for the hair and a beer rinse for shine. It is very important to have a hair massage, as your hair should be in top condition before styling. The conditioner you use is all important – hair needs that extra coating.”–Home remedies
“When it comes to my skin I experiment with a lot of home remedies. I often use dahi and honey in a pack to cool and soothe my face. I also use ice packs for my face and eyes as it picks me up – not applied directly though. Wrap ice cubes in thin muslin or tissue and then place them gently on cheeks and eyes. I also sometimes use honey as a lip balm.”–Travel tips
If I am travelling I leave a little conditioner in my hair after a wash and then tie it up into a bun for the flight. I carry a lot of water and use my lip balm liberally

source: vogue.in

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