6 Common Skin Problems in Winters


6 Common Skin Problems in Winters

Winters are often associated with many common yet unpleasant and sometimes hurting and painful skin problems. This is primarily because winter winds are bitter and dry and lack humidity. Moreover, while the heaters and heating systems indoors feel quite comfortable, they too dry the moisture in the air indoors and spell further trouble. Following is a list of the most common skin problems that can occur in winters.

Dry & Flaky skin

Dry winds and indoor heating systems can case extremely dry skin and can also lead to flaky skin. Regular Moisturizing is the best to avoid this condition. Using a mild exfoliate once per week may also help.

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Chapped lips

Chapped lips are a common skin problem winters. Unlike the rest of the body and face, lips do not have oil glands and become dry easily. The dryness associated with winter makes this problem worse. Regular use of a lip bam or a chap-stick is the best way to avoid this condition.

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Chapped hands & Cracked Heels

The skin onour hands & feet is much thinner than the rest of the body. For this reason they dry faster and much more severely during winters resulting in chapped hands and cracked heels. Moisturize every night before going to bed to avoid this condition.

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Sun Burn and/ or Wind Burn

It is incorrect to associate Sun Burn with heat but most of us make this classic mistake. Sun Burn is caused by UV rays from the sun which are equally damaging during winters. But since most of us forget to use the Sun Screen Sun Burn us often an unexpected but common skin condition during winters. Continuing your regular Sun Screen regime is your best defense. Another common and unpleasant winter problem is Wind Burn caused by repeated cold and dry winds hitting against your face. Windburn can leave your skin red, raw and blistered. A severe windburn might even peel like a sun-burn. To protect yourself, moisturize well every-time you step out. Also, covering your face with a scarf, muffler etc. can protect your face against the winds and help.

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If you have Acne then it can be at its worst during winters. This is because a dry face causes oil glands to produce more oil causing more breakouts. It’s a good idea to change your cleanser to a milder one and from an oil/ alcohol/ astringent based one to a cream based one.

Eczema/ Psorasis/Rosacea

In case you suffer from any of these medical conditions, chances are that these may get worse and out of hand due to acute dryness during winters. Moisturizing regularly will definitely help but seeking advice from a consultant before and during winters may well  an investment worth every penny.


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