Anushka Sharma’s Beauty Secrets

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Anushka Sharma’s Beauty Secrets

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin and her shiny & healthy hair always leave us wanting to know the secret behind them. Anushka has the unbeatable combination of beautiful skin & hair as well as a body to die for with an electrifying smile good enough to light a million light houses. Anushka Sharma has become one of most sought after stars in the country today. Her Vibrant, energetic & peppy persona and vivacious & zesty spirit make her come across as someone who is delicate yet sturdy and sensitive but responsive at the same time.

The beautiful Anushka Sharma believes in simple beauty solutions like customary cleansing of the skin and a coconut oil massage for her hair before going to bed or using homemade pace packs to stay beautiful!


In an interview published by, Anushka says she does weight training 4 days a week for her brilliantly toned body. She also does yoga and says that it not only rejuvenates her body & mind, but also her skin that inner glow. Above all she ensures that she gets enough rest to be at her best all the time. As for her eating habits, Anushka chooses to eat everything but in moderate proportions. She also makes sure to eat a fruit or two every day to get her share of anti-oxidants. In a piece written by Anushka says that “The key is to maintain a healthy balance between eating well and exercising right, be it to keep your weight in check or get that glow on your skin.”

Skin Care:

Anushka says that her glowing face is because she stays hydrated by drinking 2-3 litres of water every day. It cleanses the system and that reflects on her skin. She makes sure to remove make up before sleeping as the chemicals in cosmetic products ruin the skin in the long term and must be removed before going to bed. She uses a creamy cleanser to wash her face and moisturizes it with cocoa butter lotion as published by Anushka also scrubs her skin regularly. She uses Rose Water regularly to wash her face leaving her with extremely vibrant skin. Anushka also told that she uses neem face pasks to detoxify her skin.

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Hair Care:

Anushka maintains a religious Coconut oil routine for her hair even though most of her other hair care products have changed from time to time. She also, tries to wash her hair like her face before going to bed as far as possible. She generally gets a hot coconut oil massage and leaves the oil on for at least an hour before shampoo. This leaves her hair bouncy & shiny. It also protects her hair from damage caused by the many styling and grooming products they get exposed to.

Advise for her fans:

Anushka says, she follows her mom’s tips for natural hair and skin. For skin, she is very particular about cleansing and using packs made of natural ingredients like milk, honey, papaya and banana to get that long lasting glow. For hair, her advice is to regularly oil one’s hair a hot oil treatment to deeply nourish the hair as published by

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