Natural Skin & Hair Care of your Child

Your child is a special gift! Taking care of a child’s skin and hair is not within the scope of regular hair and skin care products since they contain many synthetic ingredients that could be harsh on the child’s skin.


This is why we have separate baby care products that are designed keeping in mind, the tenderness of baby skin and hair. Normally available and used soaps and shampoos often contain additives such as parabens and phthalates. Research shows that these additives are capable of altering hormone levels in the body and also interfere with normal development of the child. These substances can possibly enter the body through the skin and cause damage from within.

In addition, these additives are not only present in soaps and shampoos but many other products such as moisturizers, cleansers, and a wide range of baby products. This in effect significantly increases the amount of exposure children have to these harmful additives even though they are usually present in lesser quantities in baby products.

Anti-bacterial soaps include additional chemicals such triclosan to get rid of germs. However, this is not really needed for babies and can be harsh on baby skin. Many baby care products also have added fragrances which contain allergens and irritants in the form of phthalates. Hence, it is best to refrain from using childcare products that contain artificial fragrances.

Infants can also face a lot of hair problems such as infant hair loss, cradle cap, baldness, hair texture and colour changes. These problems are often precipitated with the use of wrong shampoos and conditioners. Baby hair is very soft and sensitive and even the smallest amount of chemicals can often prove to be harsh and harmful. Natural baby care shampoos offer adequate conditioning and are mild on the hair & scalp.

The health effects of these chemicals present in shampoos and soaps may be much more precipitated with regular use and when the kids are young. This is why doctors recommend switching to natural alternatives for skin and hair care of young children.

Small babies do not bathe daily and you easily avoid using soaps and shampoos with them. Instead, you could try out some natural alternatives like coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil to moisturize and insides of aloe vera leaf to cure diaper rashes.

Try our range of baby skin and hair care products that have been prepared keeping in mind the soft and tender skin of your child. Our hand and body wash and hair cleanser made from aloe vera and olive oil which provide soothing effect to skin and hair. Our baby massage oil contains a unique blend of Olive oil, almond oil, vegetable oils and vitamin E that nourishes baby skin.


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