Natural Tips for Chapped Lips


While as a child you may have been told to dab warm ghee or butter to heal dry lips, today there is a growing trend of using chemical-laden lip balms to treat chapped lips.

Most commercial lip care products available today contain harmful petrochemicals. If you are one who prefers natural skin solutions, the following natural remedies will come handy this winter.


Natural Remedies for Dry Lips

Warm Ghee: The age old theory of applying warm ghee to your lips actually works wonders for chapped lips. Apply warm ghee straight off your fresh chapatti or warm some ghee specially to apply to your lips.

Milk cream: Dab fresh milk cream on both lips and leave on for 20-30 minutes.  The fat content in milk cream relieves dry and flaky lips.

Coconut oil: Warm a spoonful of coconut oil in the microwave and apply over lips before going to bed. You will see a marked difference in your lips when you wake up.

Beeswax: A natural compound obtained from honey bees, beeswax contains natural emulsifiers which help retain skin moisture.

Try Biobloom’s mint-flavoured lip balm made from 100% Beeswax.

Basil & Rose: Crush a few basil leaves and add to 1-2 spoons of rose water. Apply over lips twice a day for soft & healthy lips.

Honey: Dab some honey on your index finger, apply on your lips and leave on overnight.

Cucumber: Crush a cucumber and extract the juice. Apply it on your lips and wash off after 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, massage lips with a cucumber slice for 15 minutes.

Additional Tips for Lip Care

  • Avoid licking your lips as saliva causes further dryness.
  • Apply a thin layer of natural lip balm on your lips before applying lipstick.
  • Drink lots of water to replenish the loss of moisture caused by dry winds, warm baths and sun exposure.

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