Be Your Own Valentine

Everyone likes to be pampered by their loved ones and more so on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. However, with the conventional mind-set making way for fresh ideas, more and more people are taking charge of their own happiness.


At Biobloom, we believe loving and caring for yourself is as important as loving the people in your life. In keeping with this spirit, why not make this Valentine’s Day special for yourself!

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to treat, pamper and indulge yourself:

Buy yourself a luxurious gift

By luxurious we don’t mean the clichéd expensive perfume or the over-priced designer dress you have been eyeing. We suggest you spend on something which will make you feel good about yourself.

Anything from a rejuvenating massage to a long awaited weekend getaway can do the trick.

For a pampering massage at home Biobloom offers Aromatherapy Massage Oils in 2 options:

  1. Relaxing Massage Oil
  2. Rejuvenating Massage Oil

Treat yourself to a relaxing home spa

Not in the mood to splurge?  Delight yourself with a relaxing spa in the comfort of your home. Create an ambience with music, candles and flowers and unwind like a queen.

You can also choose to give yourself a Scrub or Pack at home! Check out our simple DIY Home Face Packs & Scrubs.

  1. Click here for Homemade Scrubs
  2. Click here for Homemade Face Packs & Masks

Check out Biobloom’s luxurious home spa range: Natural massage oils, Body Soak Bath Salt, Foot Soak Packs, Scrubs and your custom-made home spa kit. Buy Here!

Bond with friends

Valentine’s Day is not just about couples celebrating togetherness. It is about celebrating love and friendship. Valentine can be the occasion to catch up with buddies.

Catch a movie alone

Watching a good movie is a great way to spend quality time with yourself. If movies don’t excite you, catch a play, a concert or whatever makes you happy. There’s no better self-indulgence that taking the time to do what you love.

Take a step towards natural living

The only way to treat your mind and body is with care and respect. Move from a chemical-laden lifestyle to green, natural living. Your body is your only true asset and there’s no better gift that you can give yourself.

Take the first step: Switch to natural skin and hair care to preserve your true beauty. And to support you in doing that, we will offer a free gift of up to Rs. 699/-* with your every purchase**.

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Loving yourself is a good habit to have. And Valentine’s Day is a great day to begin!

*Conditions Apply

**Valid on Orders of Value above Rs. 500/-

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