8 Summer Vacation Skin Care Essentials

Summer is here & the schools are shut. We are sure you have plans to go on a vacation and probably all excited & already preparing. While you have all the fun we would love to ensure that your skin enjoys with you as much as you do.


Here are 7 essential products that you must have as part of your summer vacation luggage so that you well prepared to take care of you skin & enjoy uninterrupted!


A Sunscreen is indispensable when you are going out for a vacation in the summer and are likely to be basking in the sun. Chances are that you are going to the beach or the hills and a Sunscreen becomes that much more important for both these destinations. Sun’s UV rays reflect off the sand and do much more damage around the sea and the sun shines brighter in the hills than anywhere else and the higher altitude means that the UV rays are that much more potent. So protect well to avoid sunburns or other serious sun damage.

Biobloom’s Natural Sunscreen & Day Protect Lotion with the goodness of Liquorice works great for you.

Anti Tan Treatment

While you will prepare well with a sunscreen, chances are that you may still acquire a stiff tan which you may not want to bring back home with you. An Anti-Tan Treatment becomes essential then.

Biobloom’s Anti-Tan Oil made of Cedar Wood Oil & Liquorice is exactly what you may be looking for.

Swimmer’s Oil

If you love water then summer vacation is the best time to enjoy the pool or even take a dip in a lake or the sea. Sunscreens may not be enough if you are going to spend long hours in the water. Moreover, if swimming in a pool, the chlorine can also leave your skin rough & itchy.

Our Carrot Seed & Liquorice based Swimmer’s Oil can give you the added protection that you may be looking for. Buy Here.

Face Mist

When on a vacation chances are that you will be spending long hours outdoors. During the summers this could mean dehydration and dull skin. While drinking plenty of fluids & water is a given, a Face Mist could give you the much needed reprieve and a fresh lease of life to your face.

Our latest offering introduced this week is our Jasmine Face Mist – Great for Hydration & Packed with Anti-Oxidants. Buy Here!

Lip Care

Lip care is a must do in summer. Sun and heat tend to leave lips dry. It is important to care for your lips and moisturize them. A lip balm is a must have and should be handy & with you always.

Our Petrochemical Free Bees Wax Based Mint Lip Balm works great. Mint makes it the ideal choice for summers.

Cleansing Milk & Toner

At the end of a long summer day most of which was spent outdoors, cleaning & toning your face is unavoidable for your face to be well prepared & energised the next day.

Our Cleansing Milk with the goodness of Lavender & Aloe and our Rosewater base Toner have to go on that vacation with you. Buy them here as a set.

Face Wash & Body Wash

To give your day a rejuvenated start & to end one on a relaxed note, you must have a refreshing face wash & a revitalizing body wash. They take care of your morning & evenings making them perfect and setting the holiday tone right. Buy from the following options:

  1. Face Wash – Tea Tree, Grapeseed Oil & Turmeric – For Oily Skin
  2. Face Wash – Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Lavender – For Dry Skin
  3. Revitalizing Body Wash – Mint & Rosemary
  4. Relaxing Body Wash – Lavender


Heat and sun rays can often make your skin dry and dehydrated. This is why you need to carry a non-oily moisturizer that will soften your skin and leave it hydrated at all times. You will note that this will also add shine to your skin. Apply whenever you are taking a break and make sure you use it before you go to bed.

Our Almond Milk Moisturizer is a Non Oily & Non Greasy Natural Moisturizer that will do wonders for your skin.

We also recommend that while you prepare to set out for your holiday, Prepare Your Skin for the Summer Break too. Read More Here!

Hope you have a great vacation and come back all fresh and geared up for life once again!

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