What, Why & How of CTM – Your Basic Skin Care Essential

CTM – CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURIZE! That simple, really.

Ironically it is not just a simple routine but also something that most of us know about but choose to ignore this basic but best natural way to your best looking skin ever.


C. T. M. – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

Why is CTM Essential?

CTM is essential because by the end of it you have

  • Removed all the unwanted & harmful dirt, dust & pollution that you may have accumulated.
  • Restored the PH balance & nutrition to your skin.
  • Sealed it with a protective layer.

CTM can make a huge contribution to the health of your skin. It enhances your beauty naturally and keeps your skin looking & feeling young. Following this basic skin care mantra can make you keep looking beautiful for longer!

“CTM is an absolute must. It’s the basic skin care regime, one should follow twice every day, for the rest of your life to get and keep younger and healthier skin”, says Ambika Pillai, the renowned makeup artist.


You must begin by removing all unnecessary dirt, dust, debris that may have collected on the face along with makeup if any. Washing your face at least thrice a day is highly recommended with or without CTM.

Use a Soap Free Face Wash suitable for your skin type and wash your face with lukewarm water. Always Pat Dry with a clean cloth or towel. Never rub your face with a towel.

For effective CTM, we recommend Double Cleansing which means you clean your face with a Cleansing Milk or Cream after Face Wash. While we recommend it for all of you, this step is absolutely unavoidable for women who use makeup or have oily skin since this is the only way to gently open the pores and flush out the dirt-oil mix. Else, the entire exercise will be futile.

Biobloom Offers the following Products for Natural, Chemical Free Cleansing.

biobloom_facewash_teatree_oily biobloom_facewash_greentea_dry biobloom_cleansing_milk

Face Wash Tea Tree

For Oily & Combination Skin

Face Wash Green Tea

For Dry to Normal Skin

Cleansing Milk – Lavender

For All Skin Types


Lately, the use of Toners is being advocated & encouraged by experts and we are no different.

Toning helps is many ways. To begin with it helps remove traces of cleanser that may be left behind after the cleansing routine.Toners also helps to close open pores & tighten them.

It further helps remove dead skin cells & leave your skin hydrated and leave it supple.

In a nutshell Toning helps restore the ph balance & nutrients to your skin.

You can choose to dab a cotton swab or spray directly to your face.

AVOID ALCOHOL BASED TONERS. Rose Water & Mineral Water are the best forms of natural toners.

Biobloom Offers A Rose Water based Alcohol Free Toner with the goodness of Aloe Vera.


 Biobloom Toner

Rosewater, Aloe Vara

All Skin Types


Now that you have done the hard work, you would like to keep it forever, Right? That’s what moisturizing does for you.

Moisturizing further helps in hydrating your skin and restoring the necessary nutrients to it.

Further, it adds or works as a protective layer between your skin f and the outside world that helps seal the moisture inside and also protects the skin from external aggression for the next few hours.

Choose your moisturizer according to your skin type as well as the prevalent weather. Some oil free options can work great for all skin types & round the year.

You can try our Oil Free Almond Milk Moisturizer.


 Almond Milk Moisturizer

All Skin Types

How to follow the CTM Routine Effectively?

It is best to follow CTM twice a day, every day for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to help you get there.

  • Keep it simple. Use whatever is available. It’s ok if you are missing a cotton pad or an oil free face wash. Start with whatever you have and then build up. Don’t let anything dampen your spirits.
  • You can start with CTM once a day to begin with. This should be immediately after you come back from work or just before going to bed. Once you have followed this religiously for a few days, the results will be inspiring enough for you to do it twice!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself or disheartened, even if you miss it every once in a while. It’s OK! Just make sure you do not go to bed with makeup on. That will be CRIMINAL.

Wishing a Happy CTM Routine & A Beautiful You, Naturally!


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