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Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) a juicy, soft fruit of an orange-yellow colour resembling a small peach. Apricots are native to Armenia, although it is believed that Apricots may have originated in China. The fruit is widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Central Asia. The largest producer of Apricots is Turkey.


The seeds of apricot called kernels have a high percentage of oil. Apricot kernel oil, generally light yellow in color with a slight nutty aroma and taste similar to almonds, is extracted from these seeds possibly since ancient times.

The oil can be obtained from kernels using solvent extraction or cold pressed method. Cold pressed is better as it does not alter the chemical compounds in the oil. One should go for organic, high quality apricot kernel oil which is cold pressed.

There are two types of Apricot kernel oil:

  • Cosmetic only – This variety is only meant for topical application.
  • Edible – This variety can be used like sweet almond oil in cooking.

Apricot Kernel Oil in Food

Due to a high oleic acid and linoleic acid content, apricot kernel oil is considered a good source of unsaturated fats along with dietary fiber & Potassium. Apricot kernel oil is similar to almond oil in more than one ways.

Its deep, nutty flavor which makes it an excellent ingredient for desserts and other recipes. It is ideal for making confections like marzipan. However, if you buy the oil to use for culinary purposes make sure the label says “edible”.

Apricot Kernel Oil for Health

Apricot kernels themselves are quite healthy. High level of B17 present in the kernels, which is known to kill cancer cells has ensured that it is being researched for cancer treatment. It is already used in alternative medicine & holistic treatment of cancer.

Apricot kernel oil has also been mentioned in “Traditional Chinese Medicine” for treating tumors and ulcers. It has been used in ancient medicine to treat inflammatory skin disorders as well. Eating just a few dried apricots can alleviate constipation because of the high fiber content in them.

Apricot Kernel Oil for Skin & Hair

This lightly fragrant oil is packed with vitamins A, C, and E, and loads of antioxidants to keep your skin and hair looking young.

Apricot kernel oil is found in many different types of cosmetics and personal care products like soaps, creams, lotions, ointments, shampoos and conditioners. Apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue and is the perfect oil to lightly apply to damp skin before toweling off after a shower if you have extremely dry skin.

Since apricot kernel oil is light, moisturizing and easily absorbed into the skin, it is used as massage oil quite often. Apricot kernel oil is also very mild and non-irritating, making it suitable for children and infant massage.

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