8 Summer Vacation Skin Care Essentials

Summer is here & the schools are shut. We are sure you have plans to go on a vacation and probably all excited & already preparing. While you have all the fun we would love to ensure that your skin enjoys with you as much as you do. Here are 7 essential products that you […]

Be Your Own Valentine

Everyone likes to be pampered by their loved ones and more so on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. However, with the conventional mind-set making way for fresh ideas, more and more people are taking charge of their own happiness. At Biobloom, we believe loving and caring for yourself is as important as loving the […]


Natural Tips for Chapped Lips

While as a child you may have been told to dab warm ghee or butter to heal dry lips, today there is a growing trend of using chemical-laden lip balms to treat chapped lips. Most commercial lip care products available today contain harmful petrochemicals. If you are one who prefers natural skin solutions, the following […]

8 Tips to Look Gorgeous this Festive Season

The festival season in India starts with the Navratras & Durga Puja and goes on till Diwali & Bhai Dooj. Everyone goes about their routines with great passion, devotion & celebrations. This involves a lot of socializing & meeting people as well, whether at parties or functions or just to get together to wish one […]

Monsoon Skin Care Remedies

Monsoons come as a welcome break from the summer heat but also bring a number of challenges for your skin. Dry and chapped lips, sore skin, oily skin, pimples, infections, zits etc. are common skin issues during monsoons. Here are some natural Skin Care remedies that you can try at home and have your skin […]


10 Skin Care Tips in Monsoons

The rainy season is here! Alas, the summer heat is taking a back seat and making way for the rains to cool down the temperature. For you to enjoy this monsoon season thoroughly, you need to take care of your skin and hair to stay away from problems that you could face in the monsoon […]

5 Skin Problems during Monsoons

The monsoon season is here and it is time to enjoy rains and a cooler climate. What is the fun of getting wet and dancing in the rain if you end up with skin problems? The combination of humidity and heat leading to constant sweating as well as drying of sweat can cause a host […]

5 Tips to undo Sun Damage to Skin & Hair

Your skin and hair get damaged every day as you go out in the sun! Sun’s harmful rays cause skin darkening, dark spots, wrinkling, aging, tanning, hair discoloration, hair loss, dandruff issues and a host of other skin & hair problems. Though some of these changes are noted drastically, some damage to skin and hair […]

Simple Tips to remove Sun Tan

Sun tan is a common problem that we have to deal with in summers. No matter how much you plan to avoid the sun, some minutes of exposure to the scorching sun rays is sufficient to give you a sun tan, especially if you have taken a holiday during the summers. Here are some simple […]

10 Tips for Summer Skin Care

Summer is here, and that calls for special skin care! Taking care of your skin in summer is essential since the summer heat tends to remove natural moisture from your skin. Similarly, the harmful sun rays in summer cause severe tan in many and sun burns in a few. It is important to include a […]

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