Natural Tips for Chapped Lips

While as a child you may have been told to dab warm ghee or butter to heal dry lips, today there is a growing trend of using chemical-laden lip balms to treat chapped lips. Most commercial lip care products available today contain harmful petrochemicals. If you are one who prefers natural skin solutions, the following […]


20 Tips for Skin Care in Winters

20 Simple Tips for Natural Skin Care in Winters Winter can be very harsh on the skin and skincare becomes that much more important and tedious during the winters. Below is a list of 20 simple and natural tips that can make skincare easy and effective during the cold months. Dryness is the most common […]

skin problems in winters

6 Common Skin Problems in Winters

6 Common Skin Problems in Winters Winters are often associated with many common yet unpleasant and sometimes hurting and painful skin problems. This is primarily because winter winds are bitter and dry and lack humidity. Moreover, while the heaters and heating systems indoors feel quite comfortable, they too dry the moisture in the air indoors […]

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