Apricot – Spice of the month

Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) a juicy, soft fruit of an orange-yellow colour resembling a small peach. Apricots are native to Armenia, although it is believed that Apricots may have originated in China. The fruit is widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Central Asia. The largest producer of Apricots is Turkey. The seeds of apricot called kernels have […]

glowing skin after marriage

How To Maintain Glowing Skin Post Wedding

Marriage is one of the best thing to happen to anyone and the celebrations & excitement carry on for some time after your D-Day. This post-wedding period is a time when you want & are expected to look your best and have that glow on you all the time. But you are often in the […]


What, Why & How of CTM – Your Basic Skin Care Essential

CTM – CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURIZE! That simple, really. Ironically it is not just a simple routine but also something that most of us know about but choose to ignore this basic but best natural way to your best looking skin ever. Why is CTM Essential? CTM is essential because by the end of it […]


Jasmine – Spice of the Month

Jasmine is a shrub that belongs to the olive family. It is widely & best known for its sweet fragrance and mostly cultivated for its ornamental value & the strong fragrance. The fragrance becomes stronger after the sun sets. Jasmine plants can be erect, climbing or spreading depending on the species. Similarly, some species of […]


Holistic Skin Care 101 – Switch for the Better!

Did you know that Apart from the toxins in our foods which we consume causing our bodies to inflame, there are other ways in which we are poisoning ourselves and our family every day? It is through our every-day skin care products!! The advertising works cleverly on our self body image issues and before we […]


Holistic Skin Care 101 – Part 2

In the last series I shared with you the first principle of Holistic health; Bio-Individuality and how working with it you can make positive changes based on your unique health requirements. The second principle of Holistic health / skin care is Primary and Secondary Nourishment. So what is Primary Nourishment? Primary nourishment/ food is more […]

Holistic Skin (& Body) Care 101 – An Introduction

Nature gives you the face you have at 20 but it’s up to you to merit the face at 50. At the end of the day, the best wrinkle is the one you never get. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ & the most external membrane of existence. Hence it is an interface between […]

5 Ingredients that may kill you – What is Your Skin Eating?

Common Chemicals in Commercial Personal Care Products and their Adverse Effects on Your Health According to a 2009 British study, around 10,000 ingredients are used in the manufacture of commercial personal care products, and the average woman wears about 515 chemicals on her skin every day. According to information provided by the Environment Health Association […]


How to pick Baby Care Products

To protect your baby’s sensitive skin, the products that you use for your baby must be chosen with care. While many aware parents are now switching to natural skin care for their little ones, we must acknowledge that not all natural products are created equal. Research suggests that mediocre quality herbal and natural products may […]

Be Your Own Valentine

Everyone likes to be pampered by their loved ones and more so on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. However, with the conventional mind-set making way for fresh ideas, more and more people are taking charge of their own happiness. At Biobloom, we believe loving and caring for yourself is as important as loving the […]

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