Apricot – Spice of the month

Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) a juicy, soft fruit of an orange-yellow colour resembling a small peach. Apricots are native to Armenia, although it is believed that Apricots may have originated in China. The fruit is widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Central Asia. The largest producer of Apricots is Turkey. The seeds of apricot called kernels have […]


Jasmine – Spice of the Month

Jasmine is a shrub that belongs to the olive family. It is widely & best known for its sweet fragrance and mostly cultivated for its ornamental value & the strong fragrance. The fragrance becomes stronger after the sun sets. Jasmine plants can be erect, climbing or spreading depending on the species. Similarly, some species of […]


Hibiscus – Natural Hair Tonic

Hibiscus is a delicate plant that is mostly known for its beauty. It is commonly grown in home and kitchen gardens as a beautiful ornamental plant with flowers in pleasing & vibrant colors. There are several hundred species of hibiscus, many of which are traditionally used for medicinal & beauty applications. Traditional Uses of Hibiscus […]

Almonds – Spice of the Month

Almonds being a coveted part of the Indian diet, you may be already aware of the health benefits of this nutrient rich nut. Although slightly expensive, homemakers insist on including almonds in the family diet, particularly that of children. Almonds are believed to have originated in North Africa and Western Asia. While we think of […]


Olive Oil – Spice of the Month

Olive oil is rightly called the elixir of beauty. Obtained by pressing fresh, ripe olives, olive oil was a well-kept beauty secret of the women in ancient Greece. A traditional staple in Mediterranean cooking, olive oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Thanks to its unique nutrient composition, olive oil is regarded a premium […]


Spice of the month: Tea tree

Tea tree is a natural essential oil obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a tall shrub native to Australia. Tea tree is revered the world over for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Initially used in aromatherapy, today tea tree is widely used in personal care products including shampoos, oils, creams, gels […]


Cedarwood – Spice of the Month

Found largely in the Himalayan region, Cedar is a popular spicy-scented tree with tremendous healing properties. Cedarwood is regarded as nature’s magical gift for skin and hair. Cedarwood Essential Oil has been used for centuries in Egypt, Native America, Middle East and Tibet. Benefits of Cedarwood   For centuries, Cedarwood has been revered for its […]

Lavender – Nature’s Goodness in a flower

Lavender is a naturally occurring flower with a sweet scent and soothing colour! Lavender oil is useful in many good remedies for skin & hair care solutions. Lavender from Lavendula family of flowers which includes a variety of beautifully scented flowers that are light purplish in colour. It is grown in temperate climate, especially in southern Europe, northern […]


Lavender based Tips for Hair and Skin Care

Lavender is a naturally occurring flower that has a sweet scent and is used extensively in skin care due to this supreme healing and relaxing properties. Wait till you explore how handy lavender oil can be as part of your own self care equipment at home! Here are some easy tips to use lavender in […]

Liquorice – Tips & Remedies for Skin & Hair

Here is an easy, step by step guide about how you can use liquorice in your home made recipes for acne treatment, skin whitening & curing dandruff. Take care of your skin and hair at home. Liquorice and rice face pack Ingredients 3 tsp Brown Rice 3 tsp oats ½ tsp Liquorice (Mulethi) powder 3 […]

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