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10 Tips for Summer Skin Care

Summer is here, and that calls for special skin care!

Taking care of your skin in summer is essential since the summer heat tends to remove natural moisture from your skin. Similarly, the harmful sun rays in summer cause severe tan in many and sun burns in a few.

It is important to include a summer skin care regime in your daily schedule to make sure you are protected and your skin is well nourished during the harsh summer.

Seek Shade or Cover Up

It’s always best to protect rather than correct!

To begin with try to avoid the sun as far as possible especially between 11 am and 4 pm when sun’s rays are strongest.

Further when going out during the day or in the evening before sunset Wear protective clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

The power of Sunscreen

The importance of Sunscreen can’t be reiterated enough! Apply sunscreen lavishly to all uncovered parts of the body at least 20-30 minutes before stepping out.

Pay special attention to neck, ears, eye lids & elbows, areas that are often neglected. Even lips need to be protected so use a lip balm or lip stick with sun protection.

Biobloom’s Natural Sunscreen & Day Protect Lotion is perfect for everyday use.

Repeat every 2 hours of immediately after swimming or heavy sweating.

Combination of sun & chlorine can play havoc with your skin and we strongly recommend swimmer's oil or tan oil for swimmers.

Use extra caution near sand & water, if holidaying around a beach, as they reflect the damaging rays of the sun, which can increase your chance of sunburn. If on a holiday to a beach, Biobloom’s Anti-Tan Oil is a must buy.

Heals crack in summers too!

Apply coconut oil to your heels and feet and leave it overnight to take care of your cracked heels and dry feet. Coconut oil is a natural and very effective moisturizer. You can also apply it to your body before you bathe to replenish the natural moisture your skin loses with sweat all day long.

Our paraben-free Foot Cream is enriched with Eucalyptus and works great for dry feet & chapped heels.


Exfoliation is a must right at the start of summers and also during the season. To begin with it revitalizes the skin that goes dull after the long haul of winters and restores your skin glow. Moreover, regular exfoliation rejuvenates the skin and promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Try our all natural Facial Scrub Gel - Walnut, Rose & Aloe Vera.

Under eye care

Dark patches under your skin may seem intense in summer due to heat, exertion and tiredness. Dab cotton in milk and apply it to the under eye area, leave it overnight and wash in the morning.

Biobloom’s Natural Under Eye Gel cools and relaxes the under eye area after a long hot day and effectively counters dark circles.

Cleanse at least twice

Washing your face at least 2 times a day (other than your showers) is a must. There is no replacement for water and nothing feels more refreshing than a lavish face wash.

We have the following Sulfate Free Face Washes enriched with Natural Actives to choose from.

Skin Toner

Summers in India are often dusty. All the dust, heat & sweat can leave your dace battered. A toner is a must at least once a day. You can apply rose water to your skin which is as good a natural skin toner as one can get.

Biobloom also offers a Skin Toner with the goodness of aloe vera, honey, lemon juice, peppermint & rosewater.

Avoid oil based moisturizers!

While moisturizing is as important in summers as in winters, avoid using oil based moisturizer in summers as it can leave you very sticky combined with all the sweat and dust. Further, it can clog your sweat glands which can lead to health & skin issues.

Drink Up

There is no alternative to drinking water. Your skin is the reflection of your body and drinking loads of fluids especially is most essential for a healthy body during summers. Moreover, it ensures that your body and skin are replenished of all the fluid loss that you suffer during the day.

Have at least 2 litres of water along with other healthy fluids like coolers, juices, shakes etc.

Eat Right

You are what you eat so eat healthy for healthy looking skin. Summer brings with it an awesome selection of fruits full of fluids and nutrients needed to detox during the summer. Feast on all those mangoes, melons, cherries et al. Just watch the sugar!

Also, try and avoid heavy & oily foods. Heavy food is always tough on the body and can also lead to break outs & other skin issues especially during summers.

A simple but disciplined routine above can give your skin the best summer it has ever had.


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